"Weathering The Storm" by Al Hone


“Weathering the storm” is a Native American horse ready for battle. The plains Indians created elaborate horse masks for their horses to wear as they went to war. Whether they were fighting neighboring tribes, or trying to push back the white men, the horse masks gave their mounts a very fierce appearance. All the decorations were symbolic of extra power they wanted the horses to possess. A common and favorite theme was associated with the thunderstorms that are famous for rolling across the plains. Lightning bolts, wind and hail are all decorations found on Plains Indian horse masks. This horse mask is modeled after an actual Blackfoot mask that is covered with circular brass buttons. The round metallic buttons represent hail stones. The beading around the eye holes, was done with white beads, to give the horse the appearance of lightning shooting from it’s eyes. The scalp lock hanging from the horses mouth, depicts an enemy the horse trampled and bit or “ate”. Many coveted war horses were given a split ear as another symbol of their bravery.


"Weathering the Storm"

Artist - Al Hone

Limited Edition Bronze

Edition No. 2 of 24



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