Shehla Milliron

I am primarily an oil painter focusing on landscapes and animals. I grew up in Florida and was the youngest of seven children. My love of art in general goes back as far as I can remember. With a mother who was kind enough to provide a good array of art supplies, as a child I was always experimenting with some new medium.

Upon entering college, I took as many art classes as I could. I feel as though there is always more to learn about painting and I continue to take workshops and classes from other artists that I respect.

My passion for the western landscape began at a very young age. Every year as a child my family spent summer vacations in Jackson Hole and traveled extensively throughout the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. I can remember spending hours upon hours photographing the landscape and animals. Simply put, I fell in love with the place; everything about it! I now spend the year between Jackson and Florida painting wildlife and scenery from both venues.

Although I paint on scene as often as I can, I am also an avid photographer and use my photographs as an additional aide in creating my paintings. This is of course, expecially important for the creation of my wildlife pieces. While, I do appreciate that photography captures amazing detail; my ultimate goal in a completed painting is to capture the dominating feeling of a place.