Rip Caswell sculpture

After a nation wide search, Rip was selected by the Naval Order of the U.S. to create a larger than life sculpture of Five-star Admiral Chester W. Nimitz for installation at the USS Missouri War Memorial in Pearl Harbor, HI.

 The sculpture is in progress and on display in the Studio until the end of March, 2013, at which time it will be sent to the foundry for casting. It is scheduled for unveiling in Pearl Harbor on Sept. 2nd, 2013.

The son of a professional guide and outfitter, Rip Caswell developed an innate understanding and appreciation of nature and wildlife.  As a young boy, he began sculpting his very first figures from the moist shoreline clay of the Pend Oreille River near his home in Washington State. An early apprenticeship in taxidermy established an intimate familiarity with wildlife physiology and form, and his work in this genre earned Rip a reputation for a uniquely natural style.

Rip captures life with uncanny realism, discovering essential details by immersing himself in his subjects (wether the habits and habitat of wildlife or the biography and community of people) and conveying this knowledge with consummate craftsmanship.  Perhaps most importantly, he invests each sculpture with his own passion for living, that passion preserved in each piece to be continually rediscovered.

Pictured: Rip Caswell works on the Admiral Chester W. Nimitz Memorial