Jerri Lisk

I paint with an intense color range of acrylic paints on the sanded surface of aluminum sheets. Each sheet is carefully prepared, and painted, translating the sketches of extraordinary places in nature that I have been. Trees are often my favorite models, seeing personality within their simple lines. Their shapes always inspire vibrant compositions that flow naturally to the surface and out to the raw aluminum edge. Revisiting my sketch books I use deliberate line drawings to begin each piece, then layer color to illuminate natural elements to the smooth aluminum surface. The edge is purposefully left raw, framing the painting in a contemporary style. I have been painting since I was a young girl, knowing that some day that passion would lead me to work in the arts with my hands. I began utilizing the skill sets I studied in decorative painting. and now from exhibit to exhibit the work has progressed to more layers, colors and broader view of the landscape. Woven in those landscapes, I have been incorporating figures inspired by rocks shapes eroded by the elements, but I find that I always return to the structure of the trees, they tend to point me back to the beauty and simplicity in nature that draws me in.