H R Kaiser

H.R. Kaiser (Heather), raised by Texan’s, was born in Louisiana. Shortly thereafter, her family moved to Oklahoma, where she still resides surrounded by everything western, which is the perfect setting for her home and studio.

Her affinity for art smoldered through early years having an artistic mother, however, after leaving college, she chose a career outside the art world and over the next 20 years developed many skills as a business owner and professional buyer for one of the largest data storage manufacturers in the world. Her own artistic talent ultimately manifested itself one day on the beach in Mexico when she was elbow deep in sand. Upon seeing the sand sculpture she created, her husband encouraged her to explore sculpting in other mediums, a decision that what would be a life changing and become her passion.

Her primary medium is clay, however, she has worked in pencil and charcoal as well with her focus on the historic American West and the iconic Cowboy.  She continues to study through intensive professional workshops and has learned to root out strong design elements, look for patterns of dark and light, shadow and form and how lines intersect to create a visual feast for the viewer.

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