Dale Evers- The Art of Fly Fishing

Inspiration is the mother of creativity. My passion for fly fishing spilled over into my sculpture when I realized the potential for creating whimsical wonders out of bronze, glass and steel.
It was tying flies on steroids. I have been a fly fishing junkie my entire adult life. Wading into a remote river with my fly rod in hand is pure nirvana.
The trickiest part of fly fishing is selecting the right fly for the right situation. The same is true with sculpting a mixed media fly sculpture. Exotic
hand-blown glass combined with bronze, steel and enriched blacksmithing techniques produced amazing patterns of my imagination.
For a moment, while working on “Fly Sculptures”, I became an abstract artist. The flies became, well, kind of crazy, out of control and wild in their
The fly fishing body of work represented a burst of creativity. I went berserk for about three months in 2009. I ended up with about a dozen pieces
in total. I hope to create more flies, soon, but there are so many other inspiring directions vying for my attention.
Creating “Giant Flies” was the by product of inspiration. Countless hours that I had
spent fly fishing many of the great rivers of the western United States culminated in
a unique blend of technique, technology and mixed media.
My limited knowledge of the blacksmith trade was my biggest challenge, but that all
changed when I met master blacksmith Gerry Wheeler. Wheeler was so gifted as a
blacksmith he could tie a clinch-knot with red-hot steel round bar, and he made it
look easy.
Wheeler taught me the basics, and I began my journey into the world of blacksmithing.
It was, however, my studio’s ability to manufacture exotic glass and other materials
and computer technologies that turned the flies into eye candy. The flies eventually
made it to galleries in Park City, UT, and Jackson Hole, WY.