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Corey Collins: Upcycled Art June 01 2015

Corey Collins' fascinating sculpture is made entirely from recycled metal parts. Collins refers to his work not as "recycled", but as "upcycled art."  Every sculpture is a unique one of a kind piece of art. Subjects range from horses, elephants, and moose, to human figures - all in a futuristic and robotic style.  While there is a definite modern feel to the sculpture, there is at the same time a strong element of, and homage to, the past.  One cannot help but reminisce while enjoying this art because embedded within each piece, the viewer finds relics of the past.  The horse pictured above incorporates old spark plugs, parts of a golf club, old cutlery, and an assortment of other odd pieces from the past that Collins gives new form and life to in his art. 

Check out Corey's work on the gallery's website

Artist's Statement:

My zen garden would be a junkyard. I love that metal is a solid liquid medium. You can shape it and bend it when it's hot, and when it cools it becomes hard yet malluable. 

This all started because my grandfather used to take me and my cousins to scrap yards with him. I would always see shapes, animals, faces etc. in the scrap metal. My grandfather was also an inventor, so he had a great imagination. He always had this stuff laying around his shop that I could play with. I love the smell of junk metal, I love searching for it, and I love being in a junkyard. It's always fun to see what I can make out of discarded items. 

I guess my love of art and my love of metal finally conjoined in my adult life to make me appreciate the fine balance of loving art and loving life. 

"Telling Secrets" by Cynthia Feustel May 06 2015

Cynthia Feustel's lovely painting of a young woman with her horse titled,  Telling Secrets (Oil 22x25") is a tender portrayal of the close bond that exists between a girl and a horse needs little explanation.

Gayle Weisfield's master watercolor - "Mount Moran - Morning Glory" April 10 2015

This is an achievement that only a master watercolorist could accomplish.  

Weisfield's depiction of the morning light on the landscape, the ripples from the wading moose, and the reflection in the water, are all perfectly and beautifully rendered.

Original contemporary painting of Tetons by Bob Coonts March 03 2015

Teton Summer is a rare fauvist style painting that captures the excitement and energy of the iconic peaks and spectacular facets that are unique  to the Tetons in a way that only Bob Coonts can accomplish. 

"Teton Summer" on the gallery's website